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  Commentaries on current events

Print The Guv'nor Inn and Pubs Brochure
Guv'nor Inn and Pubs
A brochure that features the amenities offered by the Guv'nor Inn and Pubs.

Television Flag Flap
Global Television National News
The opinions of St. John's city residents on topics surrounding Premier Danny Williams, the Canadian flag and the Atlantic Accord talks in general.

Print Of a Generation Called X
Granite Magazine
An editorial on the unique social challenges faced by those born during the early to mid seventies.

Print Atlantic Women In Business: Cathy Lomond and the Hotel Port Aux Basques
Progressive Choices Magazine
Business article
Award winning entrepreneur Cathy Lomond puts her business savvy and love of people to work as the owner and operator of Hotel Port Aux Basques.

Print The 1996 Sound Symposium: A Review of Sights and Sounds
Granite Magazine
Feature article and music review
A review of some of the sound pieces showcased at the 1996 International Sound Symposium in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
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Print Bringing Satellite Communications Down To Earth
Atlantic Business Magazine
Business article
A group of engineers develop cutting edge marine technology with multiple global applications.
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Radio Wet Tee-Shirt Contest
CBC Radio
Mini documentary
Bar patrons, employees and contest participants comment on the social repercussions of a bar's wet tee-shirt contest.

Print Turning on to Charlotte Street
The Express
Arts and entertainment feature article
A successful costume designer returns to Newfoundland to launch her first fashion line.
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Print Cutting Edge Wrestling
Breaktime Review
Arts and entertainment article
Newfoundland's premier wrestlers know how to take their fun seriously.

Print Selected Works
With An Image of Grace
Creative writing
Published anthology of poetry under Robin A. Grant's pseudonym: middle and last name.

Radio Buried In Snow: St. John’s Speaks
CBC Radio
Montage and soundscape
Local weather celebraties, snowplow operators, taxi drivers, and so on, describe how they dealt with the record city snowfall of Winter 2001.

Print Thank You for My Right to Free Speech
The Gazette
An interview with World War I and World War II veterans and a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy today.

Print Women in Science and Engineering in Newfoundland
Luminus Magazine
The most active WISE chapter in Canada establishes a summer youth employment program.

Print A Handy Man's Guide to Living With Multiple Sclerosis
Current Magazine
Human interest article
Two brothers bring their struggle with Multiple Sclerosis to the center stage.
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Radio World Soccer At Home
CBC Radio
Soccer fans comment on the World Soccer Championship and the Cinderella story of Senegal’s impressive showing.

Print Sharing Their Faith
The Downhomer Magazine
Human interest article
A husband and wife televangelist team describe the journey of faith that led them to the big screen.
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Print The Sound of Silence
The Gazette
An examination of 'latrinalea' or bathroom wall grafitti.

Radio College Radio Matters
CBC Radio
National commentary
A commentary on the contribution of college radio stations and the credibility of its continued support.
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Print Rothermeres Awarded
The Gazette
News article
A psychology student's research on cognitive maps and cell recordings nabs him a prestigious fellowship at University College London.
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Print Designing Lady
Current Magazine
Arts and entertainment feature article
Home-grown fashion and costume designer, Charlotte Reid, sets up shop locally.